Praise for the ToolKit

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"The tool kit is my daily resource as I am assisting smokers in their quest to remain smoke-free. The tobacco cessation kit helps me develop an individualized plan for each person I encounter who is smoking, whether they are ready to QUIT or not. People today are aware that smoking is hazardous to their health but many are unable to take the next step and do something about it to quit. The tobacco cessation kit allows me, as a clinician, to deal with this group of people and help them deal with their addiction."

Lyn A. Tepper, MS, RN, CNS, APn
Clinical Nurse Specialist-Pulmonary
Past purchaser of the Tobacco Cessation Tool Kit, 2nd Edition

"I'm using the tobacco cessation kit, and I find several components particularly helpful. The red ‘Current Smoker' stickers catch my attention and remind me to address smoking at each visit. I also have my patients fill out the questionnaire about their smoking addiction, and we review it together to help make a plan for quitting. The brochures are great. I like that I can give them something to take home to reference. I also give a lot of them out to my patients with COPD who want material to share with their children who smoke."

Elizabeth M. Klein, MD, FCCP
Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, IL
Past purchaser of the Tobacco Cessation Tool Kit, 2nd Edition

"Thank you so much for the Tobacco Cessation ToolKit. I have used the information often and have praised your work to all the providers who I collaborate with."

Lorraine Schoenstadt, MS, RN, BC
Immunization Education Coordinator, Chicago Department of Public Health
Past purchaser of the Tobacco Cessation Tool Kit, 2nd Edition

"Previously, I and many of my colleagues have counseled patients on smoking cessation based on premises that are no longer valid.  We thought that teenagers who understood the dangers continued to smoke because of peer pressure. We assumed that smoking was a habit, an exceedingly harmful but unfortunately beguiling social habit. The correct basis for nicotine dependence confirmed by recent authoritative scientific studies is superbly described in the ACCP smoker's tool kit. We recognize  that in both the adolescent and the adult, nicotine effects profound changes in the central nervous system. We now know that nicotine dependence is a chronic disease. Like hypertension or diabetes, we should not expect the patient to succeed in smoking cessation by will power alone. The smoker's tool kit identifies a skillful pharmacological approach to the addicted smoker and describes the therapeutic approach which includes counseling and medication. It is an eminently practical regime and identifies how the physician can receive reimbursement for this potentially lethal disease."

Alfred Soffer, MD
Master Fellow, ACCP